Privacy Policy

FEC Consulting does not collect user information in any of the inferential statistical apps. We respect the privacy of our users by providing stand-alone apps for college students and the research community. At no time is any information associated with the user or user’s location collected and stored. Quite frankly, we have enough to do maintaining solid, user friendly apps.

The inferential statistical apps include: 

The ANOVA apps

   ANOVA 1-way

   ANOVA 2-way

   ANOVA 3-way

   ANOVA RandBlk

   ANOVA Latin Sq

   ANOVA All-in-One

   Student t-test

   Paired t-test

The regression apps

   Linear reg

   Multiple Linear reg

   CurviLinear reg

   Multiple Curvilinear reg 

   Regression All-in-One

Other apps

   Matrix Algebra

Thank you for using our apps. We will always respect your privacy.

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