Oregon Country

The Story of the 1843
Oregon Trail Migration

by TJ Hanson

This is a journey of destiny, marking the beginnings
of a new American Western Frontier … 
Oregon Country is, truly, an American story.

Become part of the first caravan of wagons to journey West of the Rocky Mountains to a land known only to trappers, missionaries, and Indian tribes. Travel with the men and women of Oregon Country—an account of the Oregon Migration of 1843. Follow the dreams, hopes, and adventures of Abby Meacham as she travels west with the actual people who made the perilous journey over the trail to Oregon. Join these adventurous emigrants as they leave the depression-wrought United States for the fabled Oregon Country—a place said to be filled with riches, free for anyone willing to risk the dangers of a 2,000-mile trek.

Organize your outfit in Independence, Missouri, and set out with the Oregon Emigrating Company across vast prairies, treacherous rivers, and unforgiving mountain ranges. Traverse the Rocky’s South Pass and the Snake River Plains, then cut your way through the thick forests of the Blue Mountains. Ride the wild and dangerous Columbia River to your final destination, the end of the Oregon Trail at Oregon City. Live through this tale of determination, hope, and courage, and witness what these few pioneers accomplished: the creation of a new frontier.


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